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Seven years ago, when Tom and I moved to Philadelphia together, we decided to start a food blog. At the time we envisioned it as a way to document our dining out adventures as we explored our new neighborhood, and a fun project to work on together. And thus, SuperPlus Eats was born. The name was a bit of an inside joke, based on Tom’s brother’s washing machine, which had a setting for “Super Plus”, which amused us. We started using “Super Plus” to describe anything we thought was extra cool or awesome.

Over time, the focus of the blog changed. We realized we were writing much more about home cooking than about dining out, with a focus on fresh and local ingredients from our farmers’ markets. “Super Plus”, while mildly amusing to us, sounds a little too much like “super size”, and could give the misimpression that we were advocating excess, gluttony, and/or fast food. We still write about dining out when we travel or take our annual Staycation, but otherwise, our focus is on making simple, good meals.

With this in mind, we have changed our domain name to and are re-branding as Simple Goodness, which is a phrase we commonly use to describe our home cooked meals, as well as the quality we enjoy most when dining out. We hope the new name will re-invigorate our enthusiasm for writing in this space, and its good timing as we embark on our 6th annual Philadelphia Staycation.

All of our old content has moved over, and hopefully there will be some new content coming soon. Thank you for following along with us, and we hope you enjoy Simple Goodness!

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