So here it is, our food blog, where we plan on celebrating our eating and drinking life in Philadelphia. We ran this blog for nearly a year without much of a plan and our posts tended toward things we made at home. Over time, we started to get a better idea of what we wanted this blog to be and of what we didn’t want it to be. We don’t often cook with recipes, so we know this isn’t going to be the type of blog with a lot of those. What we make is usually the result of what we find at our local farmers’ markets. Given that and how much we enjoy our nearby restaurants and bars, we decided we want our blog to focus more on the local. We want to highlight the fresh and regional ingredients we use in our cooking and the wonderful food and drinks we enjoy while we’re out and about.

Currently, Tom is a unit head at an academic library in Philadelphia. He has a personal blog at This Creative Midlife. In addition to blogging, he writes fiction and has had short stories published in Ayris Magazine, Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing , The Casserole, Contraposition and The Penmen Review and has also published a story collection, Kindred Spirits. He also can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Goodreads,  and Untappd.

Holly is a librarian in Philadelphia, where her job entails making research content discoverable and shareable. Until moving to Philadelphia in September 2011, she lived her entire life in Long Beach, California, except for a year working in Taiwan, international studies in Norway and Prague, and a brief stint in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has also traveled in Italy, New Zealand, Québec, and Iceland. While living in California, Holly was a frequent visitor to the wineries of the central coast, particularly in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. In addition to her affection for wine, she has also trained as a beer judge, and is enjoying learning more about classic cocktails. Her latest hobby is making cocktail bitters and other infusions. She embraces living in Philadelphia and all that the city has to offer.